The Rotherham Gallery closed to the public at the start of the Covid Pandemic. We plan to reopen our new Coterie Gallery location very soon.

In addition to the earlier news about being out and about promoting and representing the studio we spent Friday afternoon ensuring the front of the Campus leading to the Gallery was presentable with hanging baskets for Inspires fund raising Gala on the Saturday.

Turned in early on the Saturday as part of the gallery/studios promotion towards the gala in opening the gallery and the studio for visitors with demonstrations and  a chance to try it out . The studio offered as party of the charity event to donate 20% of all takings to the event.

Whilst Anthony was undertaking this Joanne and Jean were at Wadsley Art Festival not only exhibiting but giving demonstrations as an added attraction to help draw visitors to raise funds for the church. they were joined on the Sunday by Anthony also giving demonstrations, so all in all a busy weekend.

So far in this month we have also kept up to date with visits to Huddersfield degree exhibitions and Sheffield Collages exhibitions to which all the studios students were appraised and encouraged to visit. 

Check out the Sheffield Live radio site fm 93,2 for the 1500 and 1600 hours pod cast slot on the 18-06-2013 and listen to Anthony on a 1 hour 20 mins radio interview promoting the Studio/ Gallery and Campus.   

More updates later on the studios presentation at Octagon Sheffield Art  and Holmfirth Art Festival.