The Rotherham Gallery closed to the public at the start of the Covid Pandemic. We plan to reopen our new Coterie Gallery location very soon.

During the summer holidays the studio will be running childrens workshops based on the Thorncliffe Valley industrial Heritage, particulally the iron works of Newton Chambers and its offshoots of Redfyre, Ronseal, Izal, Tank factory, taking in over 200 years of history before its demise around 1973.

The intention is to make not only children but also residents aware of the heritige within the area which has developed with many houses on the old industrial site which may supprise many people living on the new estates that their garden may have had a blast furnace on it.

The results of the workshops will be the subject of a month-long exhibition in the gallery throughout September so if anyone has original memorabilia to loan us for the exhibition please contact us