The Helmet of Invisibility


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The Helmet of Invisibility from the Odyssey series by Anthony Carroll. 2012 oil on canvas.

The Helmet of Invisibility, also known as the Helm of Hades or Cap of Hades, was a mythical artifact steeped in power and intrigue. Crafted by the Cyclopes, it possessed the ability to render its wearer unseen, granting them the advantage of stealth and surprise. Legends speak of its use by various figures in Greek mythology, including the goddess Athena, the messenger god Hermes, and the hero Perseus. It served as a valuable tool for both gods and mortals alike, aiding in quests, battles, and escapes. The Helmet of Invisibility remains a symbol of hidden strength and the allure of the unseen, forever captivating the imaginations of those who delve into the stories of ancient Greece.