Suburbia by Anthony Carroll

Oil on Canvas 20″x16″ 50cm x 40cm

The abstract painting titled “Suburbia” is a vibrant and thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of suburban life. Bold geometric shapes intersect and overlap, representing the cookie-cutter houses and meticulously planned neighbourhoods that define suburbia. Cool blues and greens evoke the manicured lawns and swimming pools, while pops of bright colour hint at the hidden desires and individualities lurking beneath the surface of conformity. The painting’s textured surface, created with layers of acrylic paint and mixed media, suggests the layers of history and hidden narratives that exist within every seemingly ordinary suburban home. “Suburbia” invites viewers to contemplate the allure and the alienation, the comfort and the confinement, that coexist in this unique and often misunderstood environment. It is a celebration of the diversity and contradictions that lie beneath the façade of suburban uniformity.