On two occasions the gallery has had members from the Penistone based ‘Tuesday Poets’ group visit the gallery to be inspired into prose by the current “Portfolio One” photography exhibition.
The group have kindly left a selection of some of the poems for perusal by visitors in the gallery.
We are publishing a selection for your pleasure ‘Copyright applies’

Two Novice Monks at Monuha Temple Bagum
Such solemn young faces. Their bare feet. Imprinted by the rough stone. Cold Air Pressing. On Shaved heads. Magenta robes. Folded and pleated. Exposing bare shoulders. Lower arms. Hanging quiescent. All hushed so even the candles. Burn noisily. And light through high windows slices the darkness.
– Rae Moyise

At the Jumping Cat Monastery
The Cat was not jumping.
At the temple high on stilts in Lake Inle, tail-tip twitching it sat on the teak floor, half in shadow.
Once a monk befriended cats; between prayers and meditation tought them to jump through hoops with a click of fingers, an incline of head.
Light as birds, they leap up, twisted, turned in air, skipped up steps, through temple windows-free runners, used up all nine lives, and more.
Visitors come from worlds away, drop 50 kyat into the alms box. A bare foot monk bows, palms pressed together, “Namaste”
– Sue Riley

The Wind has done its Work
Mare’s tail clouds hide patches of blue.
The wind hums through pylons tearing out handfuls of wheatened grass.
It is caught on barbed wire like sheep leaving their fleece as they ease their way through a fence.
The toppers stand up on a dry stone wall, a leap of faith with no mortar to keep it together.
It has enclosed the fields for decades, water and frost will find a spot.
Vegetation bends before the south westerly, the wind has done its job
– Marion New