22/09/2011 LATEST NEWS from the Gallery and Studio

See the News Events and Exhibition page for details of the new exhibition from the studio


TITANIC will finish on 29th September

to be followed by a Textile exhibition from 1st to 28th October 2011 

“TITANIC” is coming in September. 

A new exhibition by Martyn Hague to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the launch of the Titanic 

Invitation to the preview 6-8pm Thursday 1st September 2011 

See Exhibition page for the new exhibition

From1st july to 31st Augiust 2011

“Eclictism” exhibition at the Gallery

See our new ‘Garden Gorilla’ page for the latest childrens community project which the studio are running.

With Garden Gorilla we have created our own allotment right outside to be run by the kids from our neighbours ‘Stomps after schools’ Lots of little Gorilla’s being busy, getting out in the air, with excercise, education,learning and healthy eating. 


See the FANTASTIC double allotement 

created in one day 25/05/2011 at High Green Junior School, Wortley Road,

in conjunction with Garden Gorillas, Coteire, MKM building supplies, and parents Shows what can be done with a little effort. Check out the head mistress wealding a shovel, SCAREY!

See also our blogsite for review of ‘Rust’ 

an exhibition at Swinton Lock 

Wednesday 25th January saw the studio and gallery hosting a visit of students from the area secondary school researching background and information as part of a project into the arts.

Good to see students involved in actual field work research rather than classroom theory. 

The Coterie Kids Club 

Douglas Dog, Crystal Cat and Hoochey Poochy Hound, and a guest apperence by Pelican Pete who has flown in from the Everglades for a visit.

Mean time our fishey friend Fin McCool has swam off for holiday in the Med, but will be back soon.

Colour them in and take them home for free, no bookings, open all day, just stop by and do it. Parents! join in 

Parents! just drop in with the kids, help them colour in the creatures and take them away.

Hedgehog Haven
Harriet and Humphry Hedgehog