The Rotherham Gallery closed to the public at the start of the Covid Pandemic. We plan to reopen our new Coterie Gallery location very soon.

Out and about representing the studio

Half way through the year and the studio have been out and about across the region representing the studio and gallery, hence the reason for a gap in news.

Joanne is busy with the students and demonstrations, , Jean at gala’s, the studio exhibited and represented at events at Bradfield gala and Wentworth art Festival.

See us later in the year at the Wadsley Festival on the 14th 15th and 16th June where we will be exhibiting and demonstrating.

Over the weekend of 6th and 7th July exhibiting at the Octagon in the Sheffield Art Show, and from 7th to 13th July at Holmfirth Art week.

Nothing finalized yet for the Art in the Garden at the Botanical Gardens in September so we we will have to update you on that.

You may see us later in the year as part of the Sheffield art Festival, See what happens! 

The studio are keeping updated with visits to previews and exhibitions, some good work by GCSE students at Ecclesfield Secondary school. strong fashion potential.

We will update with reviews of other college and degree exhibitions later in the year.     

“The Word” Update

Update that the exhibition will continue at the library until after Easter

The current exhibition of “The Word” (see exhibitions page) finishes on Thursday 28th February but the good news is that it continues for a further month throughout March at Chapeltown Library, Nether Ley Ave, where the public participation will still run. 

Check out the Lottie Letters Series with the Butterfly Stories for the children, Take the story home, read them the story. Let them make a butterfly with the story then colour the butterfly in and let it fly off to someone else to read.

This exhibition is partly coming down today, Only partly as the library wants to keep it running as a semi-permanent display., So you may see it developing.

J & J at Kelham Island

Following a hectic week in the studio Joanne and Jean carried it through over the weekend with a stand at Kelham Island Victorian Fair.

 Being a fine but cold weekend the public turned out in mass’s even queuing off the premises and around the pavement to take full advantage of all the outdoor events as well as the indoor stands.

As usual, the Coterie stand was the best of the show, unfortunately, such was the mass of crowds that its full impact was slightly lost, never the less a good display.

Forthcoming Ecclesfield School students exhibition

This year the Art department will be celebrating the fantastic achievement of students by showcasing their work in a dedicated exhibition at the Coterie Gallery &, Fine Art Studio from the 3rd December 2012 to the 7th January 2013.

They have a highly talented group of students who have been working hard in the department to produce a fantastic range of Art work and in acknowledgment of this the exhibition will be spread over two floors, taking in the main gallery and the linked upper floor conference/exhibition area to best showcase a selection of eclectic work covering Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics and Computer manipulated digital art produced by GCSE and year 9 students.

A special feature included within the sculptural work will be exhibits produced by students working with local sculptor Simon Kent. A private viewing night will be held on Friday 7th December between 6pm-8pm to which everyone is cordially invited where you will have the opportunity to speak with the students and be entertained with a  performance by the school band and choir.     

Craft Fair and exhibition

On Saturday 15th December between 10am-1pm on the Paces Campus, Pack Horse Lane, High Green, Sheffield S35 3HY, Ecclesfield  School will be holding its Christmas Craft Fair taking in most of the ground floor rooms and quadrangle with many student and professional craft stalls, all under cover.

The school band and choir will be entertaining in the quadrangle and the whole of the student’s art exhibition on two floors will be open for viewing.

Families with small children have not been forgotten as the Campus ‘Hullaballoo’s children’s indoor play centre are throwing open their doors for a ‘Free day’ and have booked Father Christmas between 11am-1pm. Nor have the adults who can sample ‘Inspires’ Sensory rooms in a ‘Free day’.  For computer and mobile users the resident Cosy Computers will be opening up free Wi Fi access throughout the building. 

Refreshments and hot meals will be available throughout from the ‘Students Stand’, ‘Campus Café’ and ‘Hullaballoos’, 

NOTE : As part of this Fair some of the students will be utilizing the event as part of their ‘Big Challenge 2013’ entrepreneurial enterprise so massive support would be appreciated to connect with them and give them a boost to help raise theirs and the school’s profile.

Coterie Studio at “The Big Alluvium” exhibition in Rotherham

The Big Alluvium exhibition is up and running at the ‘Old Market Gallery on Corporation Street in Rotherham for the towns most prestigious art event of the year.

Featuring highly acclaimed artists, sculptors, and poets from across the region this exhibition can only be seen until the end of the month, after that the art world will have to wait until the Groups next exhibition in 2013 

Synonymous with fine art in its many forms and genre’s this exhibition has not failed to live up to expectations providing the viewer with an abundance of genre’s from paintings in traditional and contemporary styles, sculptures, drawings and installations to satisfy any artistic tastes. truly a cultural triumph for Rotherham, the Alluvium and the gallery.

The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-3pm. Free entry. Disabled access.

Exhibitions galore

The next few weeks will see the studio engaged in exhibitions both within the gallery and at outside venues.

Starting this Friday 2nd November with an invitation to attend the Old Market Gallery, Corporation St, Rotherham between 7-9pm for a preview evening of  the “Alluvium Big Show” prior to its run until Friday 30th November. in which Joanne and Anthony will be exhibiting alongside around 14 artists and a number of poets. A must see exhibition the like of which Rotherham has not seen for while.  

This will be running alongside the galleries own exhibition “Miscellanous”  until 29th November, and then Joanne and Jean can be found at Kelham Island Industrial Museum for the annual Victorian Christmas Fair on Saturday Sunday 1st and 2nd December 2012 where they will be in attendance at the Coterie Trade stand displaying artrwork, cards, textile work which can be purchased at fantastic value direct from the artist prices. 

Make a point of visiting the event.      

Call for entries to a new exhibition

When we called for entries for this exhibition we were unprepared for the large number of entries, very welcome but it looks like the exhibition will be packing out the gallery with a kaleidoscope of visual images.

The current exhibition will be coming down on Friday 2nd November with this new one entitled “Miscellaneous” putting into place over the weekend  and hopefully up and running for the opening date Monday 5th November until the 29th

Call in a see what you think, post your comments either on here or in the comments book in the gallery. 

Some artworks are for sale through the gallery at the artists valuation.  

NEWS UPDATE 5th November 2012

The “Miscellaneous” exhibition is up and running with over 40 artists and over 80 pieces of work, the gallery is full and looking good. A must see event.   

The next exhibition in the gallery is featuring work by various leisure artists to which campus staff, residents or associates are invited to take part.

Details have been placed in all mail boxes with a further attachment on this e mail, more in reception and in the studio. No entry fee or form filling, just details of who and what is being submitted to the studio before Friday 19th October.

All aspects can be submitted, painting, drawing, sculpture, textile, needlework, photography etc. we are looking at up to 2 pieces each but obviously the size will be taken into account. Any work for hanging on the wall will require to be in or on a frame and corded for our hanging system, we do have large display panels for such as textiles that need displaying.

The exhibition will run throughout November and is a good opportunity to show the hidden talent within the Campus.

Heads of department please pass on details to the staff. Sorry but this exhibition will not be featuring children’s work, having had their own exhibition last month we need to give the adults a chance.

Submissions for Exhibition

The studio are taking submissions for exhibition for 2013

Please see our remit on home page for applications considered.

We will undertake all the work connected with mounting and running an exhibition including help to those who are not familiar with holding an exhibition

Placements at the Coterie

The studio is pleased to welcome 2 students from Ecclesfield School who are with us for a two weeks secondment in which to gain experience in the workplace within art-related career subjects. We will keep you updated, watch this space.

During their time on placement they have undergone a highly intensive series of workshops and lectures dealing in the history of art, and practical workshops covering different types of medium and supports covering many genres including pastels, watercolours, chalks acrylics, etc, etc, including textiles using hand, and machine work.

They also attended many galleries and exhibitions in the area including degree exhibitions to give an insight into standards required which will hopefully lead them towards a career structure.

We look forward to seeing their extended portfolio at next year’s GCSE exhibition. 

Thorncliffe Appeal

During the summer holidays the studio will be running childrens workshops based on the Thorncliffe Valley industrial Heritage, particulally the iron works of Newton Chambers and its offshoots of Redfyre, Ronseal, Izal, Tank factory, taking in over 200 years of history before its demise around 1973.

The intention is to make not only children but also residents aware of the heritige within the area which has developed with many houses on the old industrial site which may supprise many people living on the new estates that their garden may have had a blast furnace on it.

The results of the workshops will be the subject of a month-long exhibition in the gallery throughout September so if anyone has original memorabilia to loan us for the exhibition please contact us  

Exhibition visits by the studio in May

Running from the 1-25th May at the Workstation Paternoster Row is an exhibition by Paul Dearden and Trevor Pollard taking in the reception area and mezzanine floor.

Lot of artwork to see open weekdays 0845-1930

In the foyer at the Access Studio on Brown St is a small exhibition of Geometric Designs by Stephen Dale which runs until 30th May 2012.

Entry is free and being in the outer foyer can be seen in passing. 

Wednesday 9th May saw the reviewer at Ecclesfield Secondary Schools GCSE art exhibition, unfortunately, it appeared that much of the prep work was not available which is a huge shame as this always provides an insight into the thinking of the student and where the finished piece came from.  

Theatre Review at E.P.P.i.C

This month saw the latest production by the Ecclesfield Priory Players of ‘Hobsons Choice’ playing to a full house of  an appreciative audence.

The principal character of Henry Hobson and daughter Maggie Hobson played by Tom Travers and Angela Platts produced an excellent performance with word-perfect lengthy monologues worthy of seasonal runs rather than a five day production reflecting the time and effort put into it by the players. and not forgetting the stage set team which required three different sets erecting for each of the three acts.

The reviewer is looking forward to the next production ‘Down to Brass Tacks’ a northern comedy from 2nd -6th October 2012

Bookings at the theatre 0114 2402624  visit  prices £5.50 or £6.50   

@Down to Brass Tacks     

Alluvium exhibition and viewing night

The Alluvium exhibition opened on Tuesday followed with a private viewing on the Friday night attended by a large number of guests who had the pleasure of speaking to the  artists about their work.   

Studio success with student exhibition entries

As part of the studio remit we encourage students in participating and taking part in exhibitions. however not everyone knows what to do how to do it and all the other details connected with submitting entries for selection so in that respect assistence and guidence is given.

A point in question is the forth coming ‘Great Sheffield Art Show’. several students from the studio have been taken through the process and help given where required to submit works for selection.

We are pleased to say that 7 students submitted entries and all had works accepted.

This is a huge reflection of the standard of tuition provided by our in house artist Joanne, not to forget the extra work and effort in making it happen.

We will let you know what happened after the exhibition on the 29th June and 1st July. at the Octagon in Sheffield.

Alluvium in exhibition

 Alluvium is a group of South Yorkshire Artists bringing together a exhibition of unique, contemporary and different uptake on art, some of the work is established artist signature styles with experimental pieces designed to question and intregue.

Showing throughout May, keep checking for further information nearer the time.

26 April the time has arrived and the exhibition will open on Tuesday 1st May. last day to see the ‘Crisis what Crisis’ exhibition.

Gulf Syndrome at Newcastle

A painting depicting the aftermath on the health of military personnel following the Gulf War in Kuwait is currently on loan to “About Turn” 

Based in Newcastle “About Turn” is an organisation which deals with Military veterans and the emotional after effects of conflict.

Contact the organisation for further details

Ex military vets Neil and Tony with the painting. Tony (on the Right) is the person to contact for further information  

Joannes Pastel workshop class

The air was thick with dust and inspiration on Friday at Joanne’s pastel workshop as beginners and those already in the know created a full-size pastel flower ready for framing.

A selection of work in progress and final results show the standard attained in a single workshop. 

Latest on the workshops

Jean’s textile workshop and both the studio ‘Paint like Monet’ workshops are full, the first workshop was oversubscribed so we put on an additional workshop to cater for the demand. This caused us to consider putting on further full day workshops for other genres’ on Monday or Friday between 09.30am-2.30pm which should suit those with children at school.

Cost £12 for the day, materials provided maximum 10 persons for maximum tuition time

Contact the studio.

Have you considered painting miniatures on canvas 2″x2″ (5cmx5cm) upwards. we can put on a workshop, let us know.     

“Crisis What Crisis” Exhibition at Access Space

Preview Friday 20th January 2012 17.30 20.00Exhibition runs from 21st January to 28th February 2012

New exhibition at Access Space in Sheffield from Anthony is a series of paintings which forms a satirical view into the current financial crisis in which the relevant recipients are parodied with each frame relating to organisations, institutions, authority or individuals charged with its running or welfare for the benefit of the persons to whom it owes an obligation.

  The players are parodied as wooden tops, a term which may be regarded as either one of endearment taken without offence within friends, or a derogatory term to describe organisations, authority or individuals as inept, incompetent or indifferent.

  We are now having to live with the ramifications of the previous good life, yet despite these financial rivers drying up or being poured down endless black holes, individuals and organisation are still in denial by rewarding themselves for incompetence by ensuring their self interests are paramount before passing any financial remnants to the very people they were charged with serving.

  It is not the intention of the artist to dictate any views or opinions of any organisation or individuals upon the viewer, rather to provide a catalyst for the viewer to decide and lay the onus of responsibility at the feet of those whom they feel responsible.                                           

Preview: Friday January 20th, 2012  5.30pm – 8.00pm

  Exhibition: Saturday January 21st, 2012 – Wednesday February 29th, 2012

  11.00 am- 7.00 pm


For more information visit the Access Space website.

  Join the Facebook event.

Listings at Art Sheffield.

 About the Artist: Anthony Carroll’s present work deals with the subjectivity of the individual in conjunction with the objectivity of authority. He asks whether authority’s objectivity can justify any breach in the individuals subjectivity, given that individuals as a collective whole, voluntarily give authority the right to govern.

For more info visit the Coterie Gallery website.