The Rotherham Gallery closed to the public at the start of the Covid Pandemic. We plan to reopen our new Coterie Gallery location very soon.

What are pages, projects and posts?


These are the backbone of the website. They are already set up and you won’t need to change any of these.


Use Projects to create a new page about;

  • Each piece of artwork
  • Individual exhibitions.


Posts are for news, reviews, announcements, etc. Don’t use these for creating pages about artwork or the pages that detail exhibitions.

Post an article in the News section
  1. In the left hand menu, click Posts > Add New
  2. Write up your article in the box, adding any images, links, etc.
  3. Add a Featured Image (min 1300 pixels wide)
  4. If you want to have a different publishing date, change the publish date. You can back date posts, or date posts to publish automatically in the future for articles that you don’t want to publish yet. Don’t forget to click “OK”.
  5. Preview it to make sure that it looks OK.
  6. Publish it!
Create a new artwork project page

You’ll need to create a new page for each piece of art.

  1. In the left hand menu, click Projects > Add New > Use Page Builder > Load Layout > Art 
  2. Add an image
  3. Write up some text,
    1. Name of piece
    2. Artist name
    3. Artistic description
    4. Technical specification
    5. Price
  4. Add a Featured Image (min 1300 pixels wide)
  5. Select the correct category for the collection / series / exhibition (or create a new one).
  6. Publish it!
What kind of images should I use?
  1. Use .jpg or .png format.
  2. Images must be a minimum of 1300 pixels wide
Upload a series of images in bulk
  1. Prepare your images on your PC.
  2. Put each series into separate folders on your PC.
  3. Upload the images, series by series from the PC folder to the website Media > Add New and be patient, it can take a while.
  4. Make a note of any images which fail to upload.


Where can I find more help on modules, layout, etc?

If you want to learn more about what goes on under the bonnet take a look at Take care with this as it’s really easy to make a mess of the website.