The Rotherham Gallery closed to the public at the start of the Covid Pandemic. We plan to reopen our new Coterie Gallery location very soon.

We have retained a couple of items whilst we have been updating the website and hope it will give a taste of how the news page will look, comments are welcomed to keep us updated and abreast with things.

The studio pages will still be featuring things taking place in the studio and the exhibitions page will still be showing the current and past exhibitions in the gallery.

To start with I would like to write a short feature on a play held at the E.P.i.C.C theatre in Ecclesfield.

For those who are not aware the E.P.i.C.C is a small self-contained PROPER theatre which over the years has been converted from an old chapel into a fully functioning theatre, a small hidden gem created by the Priory Players and used not only in their productions but by other local groups involved in the arts and the theatre providing a valuable community resource.

One of the original stalwarts and inspirations behind the formation and convertion of the theatre was our friend and collegue Les Bell who died in August.

It may not be known to many outside the theatre but Les was not only its president but was also responsible for most of sets on which the Priory Players performed, such were the quality and design that they gained major awards with in the amateur theatre, however this author would go further and state that they would make many West End stage sets look amateur, with an EPiCC set when a door closes it does so without wobbly walls, create a staircase and players actually walk down it, credit not only to the designer but to the construction team for making it happen.

The play last week “Secondary Couse of Death” was dedicated to Les and we feel he would have been proud of the qualtity of the set build and performance by the cast.

For details of the theatre 0114 2402624