The Rotherham Gallery closed to the public at the start of the Covid Pandemic. We plan to reopen our new Coterie Gallery location very soon.

Preview Friday 20th January 2012 17.30 20.00Exhibition runs from 21st January to 28th February 2012

New exhibition at Access Space in Sheffield from Anthony is a series of paintings which forms a satirical view into the current financial crisis in which the relevant recipients are parodied with each frame relating to organisations, institutions, authority or individuals charged with its running or welfare for the benefit of the persons to whom it owes an obligation.

  The players are parodied as wooden tops, a term which may be regarded as either one of endearment taken without offence within friends, or a derogatory term to describe organisations, authority or individuals as inept, incompetent or indifferent.

  We are now having to live with the ramifications of the previous good life, yet despite these financial rivers drying up or being poured down endless black holes, individuals and organisation are still in denial by rewarding themselves for incompetence by ensuring their self interests are paramount before passing any financial remnants to the very people they were charged with serving.

  It is not the intention of the artist to dictate any views or opinions of any organisation or individuals upon the viewer, rather to provide a catalyst for the viewer to decide and lay the onus of responsibility at the feet of those whom they feel responsible.                                           

Preview: Friday January 20th, 2012  5.30pm – 8.00pm

  Exhibition: Saturday January 21st, 2012 – Wednesday February 29th, 2012

  11.00 am- 7.00 pm


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 About the Artist: Anthony Carroll’s present work deals with the subjectivity of the individual in conjunction with the objectivity of authority. He asks whether authority’s objectivity can justify any breach in the individuals subjectivity, given that individuals as a collective whole, voluntarily give authority the right to govern.

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